Storage and Self Storage Wrexham

Storage Made Easy

UK Atlantis Storage takes care of all your storage requirements. There are many reasons customers choose to store goods, from traveling abroad, to home renovation work, or just looking for a new home.

Convenient Collection

UK Atlantis collect your items for storage you, saving time, van hire costs and effort. We even pack your items for you, if needed.

Protection and Storage

All items are carefully packed into secure wooden storage containers they are logged onto our system, and packed away in our clean, dry, modern, secure storage facility. All goods are fully insured and we can provide an inventory, so you have accurate records of your storage in our care.

Convenient Delivery

When you require the return of your items, we will transport your goods safely back to your desired address.

Wrexham storage facility

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UK Atlantis Ltd Storage Wrexham Self Storage Wrexham

Are you wondering where to store your valuable items in Wrexham? Relax, we’ve got you sorted. We have top notch storage facilities to store your residential and commercial commodities safely for both a short and a long term period. As professionals, we take every caution when packing, storing and retrieving your items to ensure that you get them in the same condition you left them in.

Our services are very orderly and whenever you need your items, we can quickly prepare them for you or even deliver them directly to where you are in no time. In order not to limit our customers, there is also another alternative whereby we give our customers self storage units to easily manage everything on their own.

All our services and payments are done in a very transparent manner without hidden charges. To ensure maximum safety of all items, we have a 24 hour CCTV surveillance cameras and Chubb monitored security as well expert advice in case you may need it. Also we have a large free parking on site for our customers. Welcome and you will be glad you chose our services.

We are one of the best local storage providers. We offer a range of storage solutions.Storage box be loaded Wrexham

We supply storage and self storage Wrexham

Whether you have just few items or a whole house, document storage or office relocation we have the capacity to deal with all your storage requirements, call our storage team on  01978 898580

UK Atlantis Ltd storage Wrexham tips and Guides

  • Any items that you might need access to, we would suggest you list items and mark boxes so they can be placed at the front of the storage unit for easy access.
  • Bubble wrap pictures and mirrors to protect them during transit.
  • Use strong boxes they should to be double wall for extra strength.
  •  Syphon all lawnmowers hedge cutters chainsaws etc of petrol and clean before going into storage
  • When stacking a storage container stack the light breakable items on top of the heavy sturdy white goods and furniture. Make sure you stack neatly so nothing will get damaged.
  • We do not allow the storage of  illegal substances, live animals or flammable liquids or gas containers.
  • When packing its helpful to label all boxes so they are easy to locate if needed whilst in storage. You also know what room they belong  in your new home.
  • Pack chinaware, glasses & other breakable items in bubble wrap or packaging paper and mark the boxes as fragile to help our storage team.
  • When packing small heavy goods like books use small boxes to make them easier  to move.
  •  Defrost and clean freezers and refrigerators and leave the door ajar in storage.
  • Clean any garden tools, bikes etc before taking them to storage.
  • Its a good idea to make an inventory of the items you have in storage.
  • Don’t stack to much weight on sofas as over time can damage cushions.
  • If you inform our Wrexham storage team beforehand we can pack items for you.
  • Load storage boxes as evenly as possible this means they will be more stable to stack.


Good removal services and storage facilities go well together. It is quite common when moving house to use storage services. A lot of people like to have more time to look for a house. Give us a call today for storage Wrexham self storage Wrexham 01978 898580

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