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At UK Atlantis we have been providing expert dependable removal services  for years. All moves are fully insured and our service is first class. All of our employees have been carefully selected to ensure you get a reliable careful and helpful team at all times.

The Move

You have some options when it comes to the move. Pack yourself or take advantage of our complete professional packaging service or use our professional partial packing service. Your goods are then loaded carefully into one of our clean modern removal vehicles, transported, unloaded and unpacked to your chosen location in your new home.

Office moves, company removals & packaging are also provided

Our staff will be on hand to offer, advise and give any information required regarding your removal and resolve any uncertainties or questions you may have.

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Removals Wrexham offer a competitive and friendly moving service for house removals as well companies

UK Atlantis Ltd Removals Wrexham ensures your move will be executed expertly and carefully. We place a very high emphasis on the quality of removal services we provide.

Thanks to UK Atlantis, moving can be a hassle-free process. Based in Wrexham, our company provides both local and long distance removal services. Whether you’re just switching flats or headed to the other side of the UK, we can get your possessions there safely, including any dismantling and assembly that needs to be done in the process.

Move at your own convenience and still enjoy our services, as we can move at the time that works best for you, be it early in the morning or late at night. We can also move anything you want us to move, including IKEA collections.

If you just need a Man and Van service, you can call us for that too! Our removal services are comprehensive and highly flexible, serving both residential and commercial customers.

UK Atlantis has a dedicated, smart team of highly trained removals specialists who are eager to serve you and can be made available to you at a moment’s notice. Our staff is pleased to reduce the amount of stress you experience when moving by providing you with fast, friendly, reliable services that get your belongings where you need them to be.

With us, your items are in safe, responsible, careful hands. This means you never need be concerned about anything being damaged, or mysteriously lost during the removal. We stand by our promises and have the track record to prove it.

There’s no better company to call if you want affordable removal services, whether at one flat rate or charged by the hour. We take a lot of pride in the superior quality of our customer service, listening to your needs and concerns, and creating a relocation package specially designed to suit your unique requirements.

In addition to a staff of highly qualified moving professionals, our company maintains various types of removal vehicles, just to be sure we always have the one that’s perfect for your moving needs available. Over the years, our company has acquired a great amount of experience when it comes to packing, unpacking, and transporting even the most fragile, valuable and complex goods.

For removal services that are efficient, trustworthy, transparent, and reliable, we’re very proud to report that there’s no better removal company than UK Atlantis Removals & Storage

Removal Wrexham Tips

On the day you are moving it helps us for you to be there to direct the removal Wrexham team and give information as to where you want your items located in your new home. If its not possible to be available, please draw a plan and label rooms if possible.

  •  It is important to notify your bank, credit card, water supplier, gas, telephone and electric companies in advance and obtain any meter readings before you move out of your property which will prevent any unnecessary charges.
  • Load the boxes for the rooms you want to be unloaded first – last. Furthermore, whichever room is located furthest from the entrance in your new home should have should have the first load of boxes for example load back to front. The kitchen should be completed at the end due to heavy appliances go in the removal lorry first. 
  •  Take all your valuable documents, jewellery and important items with you
  • We advise you to put your tool box at the very end
  • here at UK Atlantis Ltd we also provide storage services

Why Should You Hire Professional Removals

Are you thinking to moving house or office? Do you plan to get rid of those old furniture items lying in your home that you no longer need? Do you wish to transport some furniture from your home or office to your new vacation house? In either of the case, you would need to hire professional furniture removal company that can help you make the task easy and convenient.

When moving house, you’ll always come across a never ending checklist of things that need to be done. Major part of this checklist revolves around never ending amount of possessions and furniture items that needs to be transported as well. Fortunately, removals Wrexham can make the entire process easy, quick and affordable for you. Let’s take a look at some benefits of hiring professional removals Wrexham.

Safety of Your Belongings – The best removal company will make sure that all your belongings are completely safe and secure. Usually, people are concerned about costly possessions. In fact, you may also possess certain things of tremendous emotional value. A professional moving company makes sure that everything is packed properly and safely moved to your destination. A professional company takes necessary precautions to make sure there are no damages. If you try to do the same by yourself, then the chances of damage would be really high.

Manage Heavy Items – Furniture is always heavy. Usually, heavy furniture is placed on the first or second floor of your house. Thus, you have to carry it down the stairs while moving. This will be very difficult for you. However, professional movers have proper equipment and training to manage heavy items.

Convenience and Less Stress- Professional removals Wrexham will take care of all your needs during the move. Thus, you will be able to devote your time to other important tasks. While everything is being managed by a professional company, you will be able to run errands and prepare for relocation to a new place. You will not have to waste your time packing everything in boxes and sending it away. Professional moving companies also save a lot of your time during unpacking. They label all the boxes and possessions to make sure you don’t have to waste your time while sorting out everything after reaching your destination.

Reduced Burden on Family& Friends – While moving to a new place, most people ask their friends and family members for help. This puts a lot of burden on your close ones. However, when you hire UK Atlantis Ltd Removals and storage, you will not have to burden your family and friends with any unnecessary pressure.

These were only some ways in which professional removals Wrexham reduce your burden. Apart from these, they offer many more benefits and therefore, hiring a professional company is the most cost-effective and smart choice.

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