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House Clearance Wrexham expert dependable house clearance service

House Clearances Made Easy

At UK Atlantis we have been clearing homes for years and our service is first class. All of our staff have been carefully vetted to make sure you get an expert, courteous, friendly team at all times.

The Clearance

Whether you need a full clearance or a partial clearance, we are fully licensed to transport waste and carry full public liability insurance. As a business we do give to charity and do recycle where it is possible. We can also offer a professional carpet cleaning service.

Some Things to Keep in Mind during House Clearance

For most people, house clearance in towns like Wrexham can be a time consuming and exhausting process. However, with some useful information and tips, you can reduce your burden and make everything easier for yourself. Here are some things you should keep in mind during house clearance.

Time Needed

The first step of the process is to work out the time required for clearing the house. If you have a proper schedule, it will be a lot easier for you to clear your house. A good rule is to devote around 12 hours for each room. Although this may seem time consuming, it can go a long way in reducing your stress.

Deciding What You Should Keep

Once you’ve planned a schedule, you need to decide what you should keep, and what constitutes junk or rubbish. Rubbish removal is one of the most important steps of the process. There must be some items in your possession which you would like to sell or give away. There’s a very simple approach towards categorizing items in your house.

You can use coloured stickers for different items. For instance, red could mean items you want to keep, orange for donate or sell, and green for junk. You should label every item in your house with these stickers. If possible, you should take help from someone who has an objective point of view towards your possessions. This is because you may find it hard to part ways with some things.

Items with same coloured stickers should be kept together to avoid any confusion. You should first move items with green stickers. This will help you with rubbish removal, and make more space for other items.


Estimate the Amount of Stuff in Your Possession

Before you plan to sell furniture or donate some of your kitchen appliances, you need to estimate how much stuff you possess. You should think about the number of standard skips you see outside a building site. If you think your stuff would need more than one skip, you should make arrangements accordingly.

There’s no need to be precise. You just need to get an estimate about the volume that would be taken by your possessions. It is also worth mentioning that some objects like wooden cupboards can be broken to take less volume.


Arrange for House Clearance

Once you have estimates regarding things to keep, donate/sell and rubbish removal, you need to deal with everything separately. You have to make proper arrangements for house clearance.


Moving Your Possessions – It is always better to hire professional movers for moving your possessions. A professional company is always a good idea for rubbish removal.


Donation & Sell – If you want to donate or sell furniture or other possessions, the Internet can be a great way. There are many auction websites where you can get a good price for your items. You can also consult a local auction shop for selling various objects. In case you’re not looking for money, a local charity shop can be a good idea to donate your possessions.


Disposal – While some people choose DIY methods of rubbish removal, others prefer hiring professional clearance services in Wrexham. Although you can choose from a lot of Skips, hiring a professional clearance and disposal company like UK Atlantis Ltd  is always a better idea. This company can load, clear and dispose of almost everything you need off your premises. Their prices are also very affordable.


Take Care of Documents

In the last few years, identify theft has been a major problem in the United Kingdom. Thus, you should take proper care of any confidential documents. If you want to dispose of credit card receipts, bank documents and health records, you should purchase a shredder and completely destroy the documents. Similarly, you should make sure you don’t destroy any documents you might need later.


Health & Safety

In case you’ve been moving around many different items for house clearance, you need to take proper health and safety precautions. It is better to buy a dust mask and other such equipment to keep yourself safe. Moreover, you should also take some extra care while lifting very heavy items.

If you think you’ll be unable to manage everything on your own, and house clearance will be a very time consuming and exhausting process, it is better to give a call to UK Atlantis Ltd. Just pick up your phone and call 01978 898580 and our experienced professionals will handle everything from thereon.


UK Atlantis Ltd has always been a very easy, convenient and environment friendly alternative to Skip Hire. Our experienced crews manage all kinds of waste, from electrical appliances and furniture to garden refuse and refurbishment waste. We can skilfully remove all kinds of materials from anywhere on your property. We use different techniques according to the kind of junk we have to manage. Before we start, we provide a No-obligation quote to our customers.


For many years, UK Atlantis have been clearing houses. Our clientele includes retail chains, leading landlords, building contractors, FM businesses, housing associations and property managers. Our waste disposal service is the quickest, most affordable and highly responsive alternative to Skip Hire.


What UK Atlantis Ltd Does?

Our 2-man crew and van will clear junk from anywhere on your property. We will thoroughly sweep the entire area and take away everything to be recycled or reused.


What Materials We Take?

UK Atlantis Ltd takes any kind of bulky waste and non-hazardous junk, including electrical appliances, builder waste, DIY waste, garden refuse, furniture and a lot more. For safety purposes, UK Atlantis Ltd does not remove hazardous items like biological waste and asbestos.


Our Charges

UK Atlantis Ltd charges its customers on the basis of type and amount of junk. We will consider the time it will take us to load the junk in our tvan. We give a quote upfront to all our customers, including disposal and labour fees. Our prices don’t contain any extra charges for Skip permits.


How Does It Work?

Our crew will give you a free on-site quote. You can easily book an appointment and schedule a visit. If you feel the price is right, our crew will start working on environment-friendly disposal of junk. The junk will be taken to our licensed facility for disposal. You can make the payment via your credit card. If you don’t think the price is right, you are under no obligation to take the job.

Call: 01978 898580