UK Atlantis removals offer a friendly professional service for residential & business customers alike.

Mainly covering Wrexham & Chester but regularly going throughout the UK we offer a flexible first class service, for house, flat and office moves.

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Professional, clean, dry, secure, storage solutions, for all your storage needs. First class facilities fully insured at affordable prices.

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UK Atlantis removals & Storage Wrexham

Our removal company here in Wrexham was founded on principles of giving customers a first class friendly professional and helpful moving storing and packing services.


Our services include Moving, Storing, Packing and Shipping.

Our business and office services produce great feedback by putting great people behind what we do. It takes the stress out of your business or office move. We have some of the highest feedback rates around.

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House Removals and storage Tips and Advice

Moving homes can be one of the most exciting and yet one of the most stressful tasks. Furthermore, it can feel like you have a million and one things to do and not sure where to start. Here at UK Atlantis, your local removal and storage Wrexham Company, we go out of our way to make the move to your new home as smooth as possible. Why not let your local friendly removal and storage Wrexham team, UK Atlantis Ltd, take the stress off your shoulders and help you relax and have an enjoyable house move. Why not take advantage of our full packaging service, then all you really need to do then is notifying the banks, credit card, water supplies, gas, telephone and electric companies etc and if the house is rented the landlord needs to be notified and a date and time needs to be arranged to pick up the keys from the estate agent.

Helpful Removal and Storage Hints Wrexham

It is advisable that you allow a professional removal and storage team to carry out the removal for you. By using professional removals with the right vehicles and tools, your move will cost a lot less than you imagined and it will save you money by cutting down the risks of damages to your furniture. Check our removal and storage prices Wrexham 01978 898580

Moving to a new home or moving your personal belongings to storage can be very exciting and staring a new venture possibly upgrading your house or maybe even storing your items and traveling the world. However, moving house can be very stressful at the same time, let us take the stress of moving your items giving you more time to relax and look forward to the move.

When you are packing your items for storage or putting them into self storage it is handy first to acquire good quality boxes and packaging. At UK Atlantis Removals Storage Chester & Wrexham, we provide all the boxes, packaging materials etc

Helpful Removal Tips and House Removal Advise – Before the Move

It is important to plan ahead and to be organised a couple of weeks before the removal & storage team turn up. During this time you can:

  • Declutter, this gives you the chance to go through old, worn-out and unwanted items. By doing this it will reduce and free up space before the big moving day and allow you to identify what needs to be taken and what is to be either given to charity, recycled or to be taken to the tip. At UK Atlantis Ltd removals and storage we offer disposal services at an additional charge.
  • Notify your landlord if the house is rented and arrange a date and time to pick up the keys from the estate agent.
  • Pass on details of meter readings to your suppliers and let the bank’s credit card companies know you’re moving. 
  • Notify the Post Office to redirect your post, please note this service at the post office has a service charge.
  • If applicable notify your milkman and newspaper shop that you are moving home.

  For removals Wrexham & storage Wrexham please contact us on Wrexham 01978 898580