Why choose UK Atlantis storage services in Mold?

Convenience – Collection & Delivery

At UK Atlantis, we appreciate just how stressful moving house, relocating or needing a long term storage solution can be. We believe in offering the most professional, efficient service possible, so that it’s one less thing for our customers to worry about. We go to great lengths to ensure that all items entrusted to us for storage are kept safely and securely.

When you are ready for us to help you, we will bring an appropriate storage container or unit, via one of our specialist vehicles, to your address. Do you need help with packing? Let us know in advance and we can help you pack as much or as little as you prefer, before loading up the unit. Once all of your items are securely in place, we will transport the container back to our storage facility, which is in Pandy, near Wrexham.

You may have chosen to store with us for just a short period or you may have asked for a long term storage service – either way, when you are ready for your belongings and items to be returned, we will once again provide the same professional service as we deliver the unit to the requested address ready to be unloaded.

Knowing your goods are safely stored and protected

Our customers are just as important to us as your items and belongings are to you and our top priority is to ensure that all of your goods, from the smallest to the largest, are treated with the care they deserve – our goal is to return them to you, after the time in storage, in the same condition as you gave them to us.

We use lots of packing and padding materials to ensure that as we load, unload and throughout the duration of their storage, all of your items are protected and safe.

Important Paperwork for peace of mind

We always make an inventory of the items you choose to store with us, which we will then ask you to check and sign. All items on the inventory will be fully insured. When both parties are happy, the container doors will be closed and locked in your presence – then we will remove the container from your address and transfer it to our secure storage facility in Pandy, near Wrexham.

We employ a 24 hour CCTV surveillance system in addition to Chubb monitored security for extra levels of security for your particular unit. We can also answer questions or give advice as and when needed. A large on-site FREE car park is also available for our customers. Please ask us for details.

All our services and payments are conducted in a transparent, professional manner and are free of hidden charges.

Things we won’t store

We won’t store food, perishables, paints and other flammables.

Things such as rolled carpets, parts of dismantled sheds and other large items can be stored separately in a different area.

Our storage facility is located in Pandy, just outside Wrexham, so just a short drive from the Mold area.

We are able to provide both long and short term storage and are more than happy to show you around the site beforehand. Give us a call for details.