Romantic Junk (Valentine’s DIY gifts)

Romantic Junk

Here at UK Atlantis Removals and Storage we see our fair share of Junk and old belongings + items, and seen as near enough everything we clear from a house or office clearance is recycled or donated to charity, we started thinking of new ways to recycle. New exciting way that even you yourself could have some fun doing too, and with Valentine’s day right around the corner what better DIY-recycling to cover than what gifts you can make for your partner or spouse!

To start off we shall begin with some of the most common items received through clearances;

First off is scrap wood. Although many of you think it’s just junk cluttering up your shed or garage, you would be amazed by just what you can transform that old lumber into, and just how easy it is!

Wood v diy














You could simply attach a few pieces together and paint a message on them, simple but effective! For a little more of a nice effect, or if you have a room with a theme and want your DIY piece to match, paint a matching colour as a background on the joined pieces of wood before painting your message, make the background colour 1 coat and quite water based so you still get the wood-effect.

Other ideas involving timber can be things like, instead of a message paste a picture of you and your other half onto the wood, to create a beach-like style picture frame. Or if you’re feeling up to it, try your hand at some wood carving, but be careful.

Next up are Bottles and Jars; Again, at first look, just junk… BUT with a bit of creativity they can be so much more!


One of the simplest ideas one can make is a bottle vase, it does not take long and you don’t need a lot of materials, merely a bottle, some paper and pencils, a flower (I’d recommend a rose of course) and your good to go!

Simply remove labels from your bottle and wash it clean, inside and out. Next with your paper you want to cut out something like a heart shape, or anything that appeals to you and your partner, and stick it onto you bottle like a new label. At this point you can either colour your new label or Wright a message on it, think outside the box the make it truly yours. Now once you add your chosen flower to the bottle you are done.

Bottle n jars DIY


With jars, you may think of DIY as a bit cliché, but I say why fix what’s not broken? Jars are only ‘cliché’ because of the immense potential of possibilities! I would highly recommend looking into what kinds of things you can make out of simple jars, but here for now e will fire out a few valentines idea for you.

Right off the bat another simple and easy idea would be to fill the jar with a Valentine’s Day style sweet (Such as love hearts) and add a ribbon around the jar and maybe a little tag with a note. Or for something a little different but just as simple, try either painting your jar a soft colour, or print off a copy of a picture you find fitting and stick it around the outside of the jar, and add a tea light candle to the middle of your jar for a great romantic glowing present. A personal favourite of mine is to get some very vivid glow in the dark paint, and spatter a few colours around the inside of the jar, then turn off the light for a spectacular sight.

Just look around your home and before you decided to throw anything away, stop and think “Could i recycle this into a gift or something practical?” anything could be a hidden treasure, such as using a old toilet paper roll as a heart stamp, gluing a stack of heart shaped papers together to make a sturdy bracelet, necklace or key ring.


The main key factor in any Valentine’s gift is to just be creative! Whether you spend a day or an hour on something, or if you think you could of done better and are not happy with your final product, remember that it does not matter, all that matters is that YOU made it for THEM, that’s all that will matter to them

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