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Storage Made Easy

UK Atlantis storage takes care of all your storage needs. There are many reasons why customers use our storage services, from traveling abroad, to home renovation work, or just looking for a new home.

Convenient Collection

UK Atlantis collect your items for storage, saving you time, van hire costs and effort. We can even package all your items for you, if required.

Protection and Storage

All items are carefully packed into secure wooden storage containers, booked into our system and packed away in our modern, clean, dry and secure storage facilities. All items are fully insured and we can provide an inventory so you have accurate records of your items in our care.

Convenient Delivery

When you require the return of your goods, we will deliver them safely back to your desired address.

Chester Storage facility

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UK Atlantis Storage Company Chester is the Smartest Way to Store

At UK Atlantis Removals Company in Chester, we offer a secure containerised storage solution at an affordable price. Whether you are simply decluttering your home, need to make room for renovations, or are in-between moves, we have the storage solution for you.

When you’re ready to put your belongings into storage, we come to you with specially designed vehicles that carry our storage containers. We load your furniture and other items into the containers with care and precision, using blankets to protect against scratches and ensuring the safekeeping of your belongings throughout the entire storage process. We will also make an inventory of your stored goods which we will require you to check and sign. The containers will be closed in your presence at your home, and the sealed containers will then be taken to our stores until you’re ready to have them re-delivered to your new (or newly revamped!) home.

Rolled carpets, dismantled sheds and other larger items will be stored in a separate section of our storage facility. We cannot store foods, perishables, paints and flammable items.

We also offer alternatives to container-based storage, including conventional storage and self-storage. All our storage solutions are secure and alarmed and can be used both in the short or long term. With fully documented and archived storage and full insurance on all items stored with us, you never need worry that one of your belongings will be stolen or damaged.

The combination of clean, dry containers, our security alarmed depot, and our insurance policies ensure that your belongings will be kept safe and sound. Take advantage of our low rates today and get in touch! If you have any queries about our storage process or are ready to schedule your move today, call the front office of UK Atlantis Removals Company Chester on 01244 458459.

Storage box be loaded Chester

UK Atlantis Ltd storage Chester and self storage Chester provide storage for personal and business use.

Residential storage Chester whether you are looking to de-clutter, travelling or simply moving house, give us a call or come and see us here at storage Chester.

We also provide business / office storage and self storage

Whether you run a business and simply need to store stock or have an office and need more space, give us a call on Chester 01244 458459


Storage Chester Tips & advise
  • When storing fridge freezers they will need to be defrosted and dry before they’re taken to storage.
  • Write the contents of the box and room  clearly on the top of the box  so if you need access to your storage they will be easier to locate in the storage room. When your belongings are back in the new house  you know which rooms they belong to.
  • It saves space to stack chairs, some chairs also require backs to be removed before they will stack.
  • Pack all breakables carefully in to storage boxes and package with packing paper or bubble wrap and label boxes “fragile”.
  • Garage, shed, and garden items can be awkward to stack and might take up more room than you think. If you’re unsure our Chester storage team can help you with this.
  • Books and other small heavy items are best packed in small boxes so they’re easy to manage.
  • It can be helpful to list the items you have in Storage and even dimensions so when you’re looking for your new home you can take this into consideration.
  • Pictures, mirrors and glass table tops are to be wrapped in bubble wrap for protection during storage and transit.
  • Make sure all petrol is drained from lawnmowers strimmers etc. Before going into our Chester storage facility.
  • Large items of furniture may need disassembling. It’s a good idea to tape screws etc. to the item so when you’re reassembling you’ll have them handy.
  • When loading a storage container its useful to have the white goods tables and units on the floor, then the heavy boxes and light items and delicate boxes on top along with the soft furnishings.
  •  Live plants are not permitted in storage. Its quite common for customers store these items at friends or relatives houses until till the new home or office is ready.
  • When filling boxes its helpful to spread the weight evenly and use up all the room where possible.
  • Mark any boxes which you may need access to so they can be better positioned in your Chester storage container.
  • Large fragile ornaments are best wrapped in bubble wrap for protection.
  • Avoid placing heavy items on mattresses and sofas as these can be damaged over time.
  • Use good strong storage boxes they should be doubled walled
  • No live animals flammable liquids or illegal substances are allowed in our Chester storage facility.
  • Clean garage and shed items where necessary before taking them to storage
  • We also provide removal services

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