Look no further UK Atlantis will see you safely relocated at a very reasonable rate whether it be a  Home, Office or Business move. Experienced Professional service every time.

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Professional, secure, clean, dry, storage solutions for all your storage needs. State of the art facilities fully insured at affordable prices.

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UK Atlantis supply a range of services to Chester including removals, storage, packaging and house clearances.

Here at UK Atlantis our company has years of experience supplying reliable, dependable, removal and storage services for home, office and large companies. We are very proud of the repeat business and the trust our clients continue to place in us.

Professional Removals, Storage, House Clearance  and Office Moves in Chester.

As removal and storage specialists we are experts at providing these services and know the Chester area well. We take care of the whole process, plan, packing and transport in suitable removal vehicles.


Also we provide Worldwide Removals to many destinations. So whether you’re moving to Spain, USA, relocating to Australia, moving to South Africa, relocating to Canada or moving to New Zealand it.s no problem

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Removal Storage & House Removal Tips

Parking on the morning of the move is helpful. If you have a private drive please leave us space to park. Where there is shared parking, the best procedure on a busy road is to park your car outside your property until our arrival to save the space being taken by other motorists.

Please give as much information as you can when booking a removal or storage service. At UK Atlantis Ltd we like to plan ahead, and the more information you provide the better. Let us know about any furniture and beds that might need dissembling. At UK Atlantis removals and storage we’re always happy to help. Please let us know of the items beforehand so we can plan the time and removal staff for your move. Its helpful to use large bags, ruck-sacks and suitcases for clothing shoes and other suitable items also help safe space.  

Another way to help our Chester removal and storage team is to keep doorways clear. Also where possible to stack boxes in one room to have as much clear space as possible. Its also helpful to use the same size boxes as they stack more evenly.

When loading the removal boxes please pack well and don’t overfill, seal boxes and label “fragile” where applicable. We suggest letting the fridge freezer defrost and drying out before our arrival.  

Removal Tips and House Removal Advice Chester Page

 It is advisable you use a reputable company like ourselves to  carry out your house removal. We have all the experience, tools and equipment to move you to your new house, or storage,  by using our expert team means your items stay safe and are protected. At UK Atlantis Ltd Removals and Storage Chester our rates are very competitive.   

  • Let your gas water and electricity companies know you are moving and be sure to take meter readings.   
  • We offer packaging, packing & storage services in the Chester area.
  • Its handy to have a clear out and and sell or dispose of unwanted items before the big day making it easier to organise in the new home.
  • If necessary let the milkman and newspaper shop know you are moving.
  • Get a redirect at the post office to forward you letters to the new address
  •  Keep the boxes manageable by not loading the boxes to heavy
  • It is advisable to label your boxes with their destination in your new home. Where needed write FRAGILE on all boxes with breakables so our Chester removal and storage team can stack accordingly.
  •  If  any items need to come of the lorry first please advise our removal and storage team so we can put them onto the truck last.

Check our removals Chester & storage Chester prices. contact us Chester 01244 458459

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