Exactly why you should consider self storage.

Have you ever been sitting at home and thought to yourself that you have far too much stuff cluttering up your home? But there’s nothing that you want to throw away? Then self storage could be just the thing for you, let me explain how it works;


Naturally the first reason self Storage would spring to mind is because you may be moving home, but there are many other ways for you to take advantage of self storage, get creative! Maybe your son or daughter has left to go to university or school for a few years, of course you can’t throw out there room, but there is so much you could be doing with that room for the next couple of years, or that old piano that belonged to your grandparents, it’s got to much sentimental value to get rid of, but it’s just taking up space in your home. What’s the answer? Storage!

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Self Storage is a great way to free up some extra space around the house, and with UK Atlantis Removals and Storage, this can be accomplished with minimal effort. Our top class team of experienced Removal men will be there with you every step of the way, we provide packing services as well as Dismantling and reassembling services and our Storage facility is second to none!


With Indoor Storage you have the comfort and piece of mind that your valubles are as safe as they can be. Theres no need to worry about things like weather conditions or damp as the facilities dehumidifiers prevent any condensation from causeing problems. Security wise on top of the facilities alarms and fitted CCTV, Each and eveery storage container is fitted with it’s own TWO padlocks, and to top it off the warehouse is only open by appointment, so you would have to book yourself a apointment before been able to access your personal storage. Pretty Secure, right?


The UK Atlantis lads are here to help, we do this every day and are very good at what we do; Loading, packing, stacking, and all while maintaining a friendly and down to earth vibe. People are always suprised by just what you can fit into one of our storage containers, We love what we do and are always happy to help where we can, which is strongly reflected in our feedback and reviews.(Located on our main site, find them on either the Wrexham or Chester homepage)


We’re not saying that in order to use our storage service you need to hire us to to come collect the items ourself, if you feel you want to bring them yourself that is a-okay with us, However we would highly recomend to you that if you have quite alot of items coming to storage, you may be better off hireing us as, like i stated before, we do this every day and are very good at what we do, hireing us would be both cost and time effective, and if you are planning to store your items for more than 10 weeks we offer a free collection service! And as great as that is the deals don’t stop there, we aalso offer 6 weeks half price.

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The warehouse home base is normally only open by apointment, but we always make time for our current and potential customers, so should you be in the process of deciding whether or not storage is the right decision for you, we welcome you to our facility for a guided tour and full infomation about the company and how we work . The tour will consist of our company Office, the Storage Warehouse itself and our company, so you can see excatly what you are getting for you’r money.


Our warehouse itself is Located at Pandy business park, Wrexham. Our phone lines are open during the following hours and days;



Mon – 8am-8pm

Tues – 8am-8pm

Wed – 8am-8pm

Turs – 8am-8pm

Fri – 8am-8pm

Sat – 8am-8pm



Any further infomation can be located on our website: http://www.ukatlantis.co.uk/

Or alternatively, you can email us at: enquires@ukatlantis.co.uk

Or feel free to just give us a call on: Wrexham- 01978898580 Chester-01244458459

And finally you are welcome to simply visit our premises

Thank you for your time, and from everyone here at UK Atlantis Removals & Storage; Have a grand day.

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